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Business Restructuring
  • analysis of existing structure of the particular organisation
  • analysis of its efficiency
  • advisory and support services on pertinent restructure

Market Development
  • possibilities in expansion of existing market
  • possibilities in product line extension
  • search for newer markets or horizons

Efficient Optimisation
  • evaluates existing functional areas like Marketing, HR, sales , Administration, Operations
  • Monitors and mentors optimization processes

Surrogation Services
  • advisory services on outsourcing key and minor processes
  • manages functional and administrational segments for the client

Business Negotiations
  • dons the role of an intermediary
  • evaluates vantage positions

Human Resources
  • administers recruitment processes
  • training and counselling
  • work environment and culture analysis

Financial Services/ Corporate Funds
  • business loans from different financial institutions
  • take over of existing high interest loans
  • pacts with Venture capital, Angel investor, seed capital funds

  • customer related surveys and analysis
  • market and product related surveys

Legal Services
  • advisory services on legal issues
  • professional support in legal procedures

Audit & Taxation
  • advisory services
  • professional services

Visibility & ADs Optimisation
  • evaluates value for money, min-max reach
  • technical team support

Event Management
  • Planning and organising events in such a way that company gets an advantage in market.

Start-up Companion
  • Ideas for start-ups,Funds for start ups and all above mentioned facilities.